Our 15' round In-Ground Trampoline System was developed by owner, Shane Harch, a landscaper in Orem, UT with over 30 years in the landscaping industry. After years of hand-building a very labor-intensive in-ground kit and trying some available "kits", he decided to move forward with an idea he came up with over 15 years ago.

Our 15' round in-ground system has the strongest retention wall and is by far the easiest and fastest to assemble. It is also the only kit available with our patent pending "mow edge" and "performance venting".

This is the best and highest quality kit in the market.


We now also offer a "Universal Retention Wall System" that will work with YOUR trampoline. It doesn't matter if you have a round, square or rectangle trampoline, our Universal retention wall will allow you to put your trampoline in the ground.

We also offer a high quality 10' x 17' Rectangle trampolines specifically designed to work with our universal retention wall system.


Available only through Trampkit.com is the very unique "Swing n Swirl 6000" Merry Go Round. Check it out! Commercial grade construction to last generations.

We have found that once installed in yards, it provides extreme crazy fun and also a great platform for sitting around and socializing. It will become the attention grabber of your backyard landscape.


We are Utah's Distributor of the incredible GeoRipper! Get every job done 10 times faster with 10 times less mess! The GeoRipper will quickly dig trenches for sprinkler lines, gas lines, Electric lines, curbing etc...