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The Best Products for your Backyard Projects Manufactures and distributes trampolines out of Orem & Salt Lake City, UT

Searching for the BEST In-Ground trampolines for sale? Need to install a simple in-ground retaining wall for your existing trampoline? You've found the right place. in Orem & Salt Lake City, UT manufactures and sells a range of backyard In-ground trampolines and a very unique Merry-Go-Round. You can find the perfect round or rectangle trampoline for your backyard with our help, and we'll help you fit it perfectly into your landscape.

Turn to us when you need:

  • Round trampoline kit
  • Trampoline retention wall installation
  • Backyard play equipment
  • Merry-go-round for backyards
  • Handheld trench diggers
  • Don't forget to ask about free delivery throughout the Wasatch Front

    Start creating a backyard play area that every kid in the neighborhood will love. Call or text 307-272-7444 now for more information on our trampoline sales.

    What will you find on our site?

    From Round and rectangle in-ground trampolines, to a 1926 replica oscillating and spinning Merry-Go-Round, to the most efficient handheld trencher on the market, you can turn to us to meet your needs. We have:

    • 15' Round In-Ground Trampoline kits
    • 10'X17' Rectangle In-Ground Trampoline kits
    • Universal Retention wall systems for your existing trampoline
    • Above-ground round and rectangle trampolines
    • 1926 replica Swing n Swirl Merry Go Round
    • GeoRipper handheld mini trencher
    Our trampolines come in a 15' round kit, and you can install your trampoline in the ground by using our retention walls. Have a question about our trampolines for sale? Email us today.

    How we found our start

    After years of struggling with complicated, labor-intensive in-ground trampoline kits, our owner/developer decided to move forward in a different direction. Nearly 15 years ago, he had an idea to create an easy-to-install in-ground trampoline kit that won't cause parents and landscapers unnecessary difficulties and labor. Now, installing an in-ground kit has gone from a three-day affair to a simple, three-hour project. With one of our trampoline kits, endless fun is just a few hours away.

    Have a question about our trampoline kits? Speak to one of our team members today for more information on our installation process.