Universal Trampoline Retention Wall

Build your own retention wall for your trampoline with our super strong "CAP STRIP" retention wall system!

$15.00 per CAP STRIP (PVC NOT included)

$89 for 1 wall panel. (2 cap strips and 16 pipes. Assembly required).

Two Cap strips and 16 pieces of plastic pipe will make an extremely strong wall panel 35" long.

Please measure the perimeter of your trampoline to determine how many Cap Strips/wall panels you will need.
(Example: a 15 round trampoline has a perimeter or circumference of 47.12'. This will require 16.16 panels or 34 Cap strips or 17 wall panels)
(14" round Trampoline - 32 cap strips or 16 wall panels)

Ask about free delivery up to 100 miles from Orem UT